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I really think the Micro Cube is probably fine for what you're looking for - does it have a headphone out as well? I haven't played through that particular amp but I have played through other Roland Cube amps that I thought were good for what they were.

The big question is simple - do you like the sounds you get with the Strat and the Roland? If the answer is yes then you don't need to look any further. You only need to get something else if you really don't like the sounds you are getting now. Also, don't forget that sometimes it takes a while to really find the sounds you are looking for in a new amp, especially if you are fairly new to guitar. John Suhr from Suhr Guitars has a famous quote that is something like "Practice cures most tone issues". Very true.

If you're still not happy, Supergrunged's idea of an iphone app app and iRig is a good one. Or, if you're a student in a dorm you could always get a simple interface and Amplitube. Not as good as a real amp but not bad with headphones.
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