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Home Recording Studio Question

Hey guys. I am relatively new to the home studio and had some questions.

Right now I have:
Boss Br-1180CD
Boss Drum Machine
100 Watt Pioneer reciever to Sony Speakers (for monitoring)
(That's it - not much of a list huh)

Presently, I am running the Boss for the drum track then recording bass guitar direct to the BR-1180CD. After that I come back with rythym and lead guitar(s) through various pedals or mic'd through my Marshall cab. Vocals and extras come after that.

I don't know what I need to "step up" my recordings. I was planning on a better mic (right now I have a cheapy). Maybe get a SM58 for Vocals and a 57 for general miking

With this low level rig would anything like a Alesis 3630 or other rack units / preamps be a good sound improver? Sorry if these questions are stupid (I am just a plug and play guitarist at heart). The BR-1180CD has built in effect, but I really don't know much about rack unit.

Most of the music I play is Pumpkins/Floyd/STP type I guess you would say.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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