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suggest me please

Hi, I am new to the recording world but I have Sonar Home Studio (Not looking for anything fancy) a decent PC, and we use the Yamaha EMX512SC 8-Channel Powered Mixer -


- Could some suggest a very inexpensive way to hook that up to my pc and be able to utilize all the features, I dont need the BEST sound quality in the world, bcause I am new at this, I just want something to get on the ball. I'm looking to spend under $100, and if this helps we run 2 mics, 2 guitars, and a bass through it. and we will record the drums seperately.
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You won't get an interface with more than 2 inputs for $100. Try the E-MU 0404 and be sure to use the line out of the mixer. You don't want to use the power amp section.

It's a better idea to record part by part btw.
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