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RFI/EFI shielding paint for pickup cavities

I've been building a custom tele on my day off for what seems like forever. (okay more like 5 months) I've gotten completely done with the fabrication and I'm ready to finish the raw wood. I noticed that most modern guitars have black paint in the cavities. Usually under color and clear but its in there. You can tell on gutars with a natural finish easily. I was wondering if anybody knew how necessary such a thing is to keeping the noise down and if anybody knew where to get some if I need it.
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Old 05.19.08, 12:30 AM
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Sometimes it is conductive paint to shield the cavity. Usually it is to seal the route so the wood doesn't absorb moisture. It also strengthens the area. The wood is thin there. Some have it, some don't. If you really want to shield the cavity use copper foil.
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