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Old 10.16.05, 5:26 AM
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okay, say i have a chord progression i really like. what are some good ways to figure out a melody to go with it? i'm tired of noodling to find something that fits. it usually doesn't work out, or it hasn't been lately.
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Old 10.16.05, 12:37 PM
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Maybe try to pick out an interval (like a 3rd or something). Use that interval alot, within the key of your progression of course. Also use the inversion of it (like if you're using a minor third up, do a major sixth down. Generally do that, use some passing tones for flavor. I think Brahms did that for alot of his themes and melodies.

Speaking of Brahms, listen to some classical music. That'll put some ideas in your head.
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Old 11.06.05, 12:31 PM
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Record the progression, play it, hum over it and see what happens. That usually helps me.
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Find a theory book and learn how the scales make up the chords
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