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Old 11.25.04, 1:52 PM
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well i need help on......

..... soloing, ive got the skill and the speed, i just cant very well. i can tap on like 6 notes, btu then dotn know what to do?
anyone got any tips that isnt practise because i do?

any websites.
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Im looking for any EHX Pedal, make me an offer, i usually have money.

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Old 11.25.04, 3:31 PM
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Use your ears.

Sorry to be unhelpful but there really isnt much to say here.

Ok, If you've got speed try going the other way, try going REAL slowly and thinking carefully about each note before you play, dont just let your fingers ramble without your head intervening.
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Old 12.10.04, 2:35 AM
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download some midi backing tracks from here.


the blues scale was the first scale i ever learned so i start with that. choose whatever scales you know best and just mess around with the notes in that scale. once you get proficient in that you'll be able to move up and down the neck better.
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Old 12.12.04, 1:38 AM
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Ususally if you play music, (and your decent at it) then you should be able to play it by ear.
Learn some extra scales, hell learn all the scales..that really helps out with solo's. that way you'll know what note not to hit before or after the one you played.

Ex. If you just played G. and you move down to F# your probably not going to want to hit (reg) F, just jump to E.
this is actually from a piano's perspective.

: nikkie :
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