Jonny Greenwood – Radiohead – 1997


A detailed gear diagram of Jonny Greenwood's 1997 Radiohead stage setup that traces the signal flow of the equipment in his guitar rig.

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Jonny's Radiohead rig was compiled from various concert photos, live footage, old magazine interviews and eyewitness accounts.
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    About the Illustrator


    Adam Cooper's award winning GuitarGeek rig illustrations have appeared in GuitarPlayer, Total Guitar UK, Guitarist, Alternative Press, History of Marshall Amplifiers, Roland/Boss User Guides, Ibanez Steve Vai Jemini & Paul Gilbert Airplane Flanger Instruction Manuals, Swervedriver's "Juggernaut Rides" CD as well as the longest running monthly column in Guitar World Magazine's history: Vulgar Display of Power. Before launching GuitarGeek.Com, Adam published the highly respected music zine, Whirlpool, which was distributed worldwide via major record store chains. As a guitarist and songwriter, he formed the band Alison's Halo which released two critically acclaimed records and secured coveted slots with bands like The Verve, Ultra Vivid Scene, Curve, Jimmy Eat World, Of Montreal, Butterfly Child, The Apples In Stereo, Gin Blossoms, The Boo Radleys, Stereophonics, Medicine, Lovesliescrushing, Bailter Space and many others.


    1. zepot says:

      Sure about the back and forth wiring between the two boards? Doesn’t look very convenient.

    2. GuitarGeek GuitarGeek says:

      4-5 cables. No biggie…

    3. zepot says:

      Great design! Thanks Adam.

    4. wtf_lol_0__o says:

      Jonny is the man! I like the wiring!

    5. derekjon says:

      Yikes! The amp you have listed is NOT CORRECT! Jonny Greenwood does NOT use a Fender Deluxe 85…he uses a Fender “Eighty-Five”! These are two different amps…they are both solid state but the Deluxe has an option to mix the channels. Check out this pic for verification.

    6. GuitarGeek GuitarGeek says:

      Yeah, you are absolutely right! It IS the Eighty-Five. We’ll swap out amp icons soon. Thanks for the heads up!

    7. 3dp3 says:

      it’s not a custom-made tremolo, but is a Demeter The Tremulator, first release of the well-known TRM-1 Tremulator.

      Here also some shots of the 2010 jonny and ed’s pedalbords from the show “Radiohead for Haiti”

      Good site.

    8. nachogobbi says:

      Hi, I believe Jonny uses another ls-2 outside his second pedalboard. I’m not sure how he wires it in the pedal chain but it makes sense to have another one, because if not, you’ll have to dance tap in order to turn off the modulation pedals. Great job and excelent images! Sorry for my poor english.

    9. snaredrum says:

      i swear, the only reason i want my band to be successful is so i can compile my own one of these one day :D

    10. alessag says:

      According to this wiring, the DOD440 cannot effect his distorted channel. Isn’t that what it does in his last solo of Paranoid Android?

    11. GuitarGeek GuitarGeek says:

      The DOD440 is set up before the Boss LS-2 which essentially acts as an A/B box. The Marshall Shredmaster is after the Boss LS-2 so Johnny can use the DOD 440 on either the Vox or Fender line (or both if the LS-2 is set for A>B>Both)

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