Zakk Wylde – Ozzy Osbourne – 1988


A detailed gear diagram of Zakk Wylde's 1988 Ozzy Osbourne stage setup that traces the signal flow of the equipment in his guitar rig.

Artist/Tech Quote:

"My rig hasn't changed that much over the years! If it ain't broke don't fix it eh?" - Zakk Wylde

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GuitarGeek Notes:

Zakk was interviewed, via telephone, from his home in sunny California.

  • Zakk Wylde Gear at Reverb

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    Adam Cooper's award winning GuitarGeek rig illustrations have appeared in GuitarPlayer, Total Guitar UK, Guitarist, Alternative Press, History of Marshall Amplifiers, Roland/Boss User Guides, Ibanez Steve Vai Jemini & Paul Gilbert Airplane Flanger Instruction Manuals, Swervedriver's "Juggernaut Rides" CD as well as the longest running monthly column in Guitar World Magazine's history: Vulgar Display of Power. Before launching GuitarGeek.Com, Adam published the highly respected music zine, Whirlpool, which was distributed worldwide via major record store chains. As a guitarist and songwriter, he formed the band Alison's Halo which released two critically acclaimed records and secured coveted slots with bands like The Verve, Ultra Vivid Scene, Curve, Jimmy Eat World, Of Montreal, Butterfly Child, The Apples In Stereo, Gin Blossoms, The Boo Radleys, Stereophonics, Medicine, Lovesliescrushing, Bailter Space and many others.


    1. Steve says:

      This schematic is very useful to me. I was going crazy trying to get the same sound as Zakk. I bought the guitar a year ago, it’s beautiful and now I can start buying the rest. Can LINE6 HD500 can emulate these effects?

    2. GuitarGeek GuitarGeek says:

      The HD500 is a great choice for nailing other guitarists tone. The stompbox models combined with the jcm800 sims should get you there…

    3. gibson28 says:

      Doesn’t Zakk also use a Gibson Buzz-saw?

    4. Demon says:

      I have a Marshall JCM 2000 Full Stack and I can get the “Zakk” sound with those. I also have a Line 6 Spider II 150-Watt 212 Combo Amp w/ the Line 6 FBV Shortboard (MK-1, NOT MK-II); I can get it close enough on that.

    5. BlueBell says:

      Weren’t the amps Lee Jackson-modified, or wasn’t that until 1989 or 1990?

    6. Chainz Chainz says:

      I have a Line6 POD HD500….. Yes it will get this rig sound…. Just saw Zakk with Black Label –Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy…..Zakk ripped it up !!

    7. MontyQueue says:

      I have always loved Zakk’s tone. It defined that era of Ozzy for sure.

    8. EricBenson says:

      During NRFTW he used a rack with Lee Jackson Perfect Connection pre-amps and Metaltronix Amps, A Wah, Boss SD-1, Boss Ph-2, Boss Ch-1.

      For NMT he used this rig minus the Roto-Vibe, then used this rig with P&G. During the P&G tour while in Europe he switched to 200watt EV speakers, which he used up to designing his own gear with MXR and the new BLS 300 watt EV speakers.

      His current rig is the 2 JCM 800 heads, 2 1960B cabs with 300 watt EV BLS speakers, Dunlop ZW Wah, Dunlop Roto-vibe, MXR ZW Overdrive, MXR EVH Phase, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, MXR EVH Flanger (only used on Crazy Horse), and the MXR BLS Chorus.

      I’m guessing this rig listed here was only used in 1993-1994.

    9. GuitarGeek GuitarGeek says:

      Lots of great info – although the “Ozzfest” rig info here was straight from Zakk.

    10. mini-x says:

      Can you make Zakk Wylde’s Pedal Board from 2010 because he has a lot of custom pedals. Zakk has two pedal boards, 1. is has stage pedal board with has wah ect… the other his sound tech control with the chorus, overdrive.

    11. mini-x says:

      please can you make his pedal boardm from 2012 it goes like this.
      Les Paul Original/ Les Paul Buzzsaw/ Bulls-eye ZV/ Dean Razorback Bulls-eye/ Dean Razorback dime (see link below).
      (on stage pedal board) Dunlop Wylde Wah > Dunlop Wylde Rotovibe > MXR ZW Phase 90 > MXR Wylde Overdrive > MXR Carbon Copy Delay Delay > (to a back stage pedal board) > MXR EVH Flanger > MXR Black Label Chorus > split signals, one to each distorted amp into the High Gain input. Marshall JCM800 Custom head, Marshall 4×12 cab
      (Powered by Jim Dunlop BC power Brick)
      Dunlop Zakk 10-60/ 10-46 Gauge Strings

    12. nilo620 says:

      the rig above could not have been used in 1988 since the Boss CH-1 was introduced in may 1989. Earliest point for Zakk to use the CH-1 would then be as someone wrote above, during the NRFTW-tour. But even then he would have to be really early to get the CH-1. He did however use three pedals on his board in the metaltronix-rig during NRFTW-tour, of which two of them where the SD-1 and some kind of green Boss phaser. But I wouldn’t bet any money on the last pedal being the CH-1 since as stated earlier, he would have gotten one of the really early ones (pros usually ain’t that quick on getting the latest pedals according to my experience).

      He did however use the Yamaha SPX-90 for chorusing in the earlier years.

    13. GuitarGeek GuitarGeek says:

      The info was straight from my phone interview (two actually) with Zakk. That’s not to say it’s 100% accurate, since some artists have a foggy recollection of their past rigs.

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